Though rare, I do actually photograph men too!


And here is a few things that I’ve learnt in the process.

  • Guys are harder to photograph

Boys are all up and down! With girls its easier to create shapes due to their natural curves, their elegant limbs and they are much happier to be “vulnerable” to the gaze of a camera, especially with me, a female photographer*.

We’re used to seeing images of women, and despite male models being around since the dawn of art, there’s still a stigma attached, that it’s not a very “manly” thing to do, so to get a man to pose and open up can be very hard work!

Having said that though…

  • Guys are easier to photograph

From fashion, to art nude to everyday documentary, men just get on with it and don’t mind making a fool of themselves or acting up to the camera.

Male models are usually characters to start with, and love performing for the camera. They don’t mind as much if you get their “bad side”, well most don’t, but I’m coming to that.

On the whole, guys, models or not, just don’t have the same “fear” that comes with having your photo taken, they’re also a lot more relaxed about final images. Which is often very refreshing!

  • Males can also be shy and self critical

Remember how I said that guys are a lot more reluctant to being “vulnerable” with the camera?

It may come as a surprise to some, but guys can also have the same worries and hang ups that women do. They have flat days, and sometimes they really don’t like the way their hair, nose, chest, or legs appear in a photo. We can sometimes think of guys as these emotionless, macho, bravado robots, but they aren’t. Not always. They can be soft and vulnerable too.

I take pride in the fact that I have photographed some of the most camera shy men that I know.

  • Men make for wonderful subjects

  • Role reversal is scary, liberating and fun

The romantic notion of the brooding, (traditionally) male, making beautiful and fabulous images of women, adorned in finery or stripped bare, is such an established image that when swapping those roles, it can, at times, feel like a challenge. But as the sub-title says, it’s liberating and fun. I also think I can play the brooding artist quite well!

It’s nice as a 5ft5 female, who is actually quite shy when it comes to working, to have the “power” that comes from being the photographer and critically looking at the man, telling him where to sit. Telling him how to be. However, it’s not to be abused, definitely not. Not ever, by anyone. I can’t stress that enough.


So these are just a few of the many things that I’ve learnt so far in my photographic career. You can view more images of males (and females!) via my Flickr account.


Models; Andrew Jardine, Kevin Flee, Aaron Clapham, Drew Beckett, Stuart Bannocks, Callum S
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Mother & Daughter

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B&W Experiments (nsfw)


Model: Totem

I’m not sure to what end these images will arrive at, but this is a concept that I started in my second year at uni, and for various reasons, moved on from using the addition of lines and colour.

It’s a slight homage to Lillian Bassman and 80’s electro pop album art.

As always, thoughts are very much appreciated.

This is a WIP hence the ugly watermarking.

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Neo Siddal

Inspired by the Pre-Raphealite exhibition at Tate Britain last year, I created a small series of photos that paid homage to their works, those in particular that featured the model and artist, Lizzie Siddal.

Whilst, some of the images are closer to their “originals”, I didn’t want this project to just be about recreating or copying the paintings, rather an aesthetic base in which to explore and discover my own way of “painting with a camera”. And to be honest, I just wanted to make some beautiful, emotive photographs, in an attempt to rekindle my passion for the medium.

It worked.


Model is my sister Charlie, photographed at the Sarastro Restaurant, London. More from the series can be viewed via my Flickr Page.

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Confirmed Bachelor


Yesterday (8th Nov) I was officially awarded a BA Honours in Photography, but it was made all the more special by the fact that my four month old daughter was there to see me graduate.
Yup, I wrote my dissertation between morning sickness (which isn’t exclusive to the AM!), planned my degree show work feeling like I could pop any moment, for her to only arrive a week and a half after the private view!
Degrees are hard work, so you don’t need a MA to conclude that by the end of it, I was exhausted! The physical and emotional strength it took me to get through that last year felt mammoth.
So although I didn’t get the mark I was hoping for I’m so proud that I got through it and that Zooey arrived happy and healthy!

I will share with you my final work, which is a far cry from the work in this blog (it’s about gaming, mainly The Legend if Zelda – YUP!) at a later date!

The last four years have been mental; lots of tears, frustration, elation and a few all nighters, so excuse me whilst I cozy up into the sofa with baby girl and do bugger all!



A massive thank you to my parents who have always supported and never given up on me. My partner Jason who kept me going and always bought tea. And finally my tutor Bridget Smith who, without her support and encouragement, I couldn’t have written this blog.

Photos courtesy of Laura Powell and Muma Bannocks