I’m a girl…

Laura 2010

I’m a girl who photographs girls, and this is my space to share and discuss the work I make.

It will be a mix of photos (lots!), discussions and sketchbooking.

I will also be showcasing other female photographers and artists, (don’t worry, there will be males too!) asking them about their practice and how it feels to be in a traditionally masculine profession.

Finally, I want this to be a space where both myself and readers (see how to get involved below) can talk about the implications of capturing the female form, be it through photography or other media, the contextual changes (painting vs. photography) and whether or not, by creating “Pin-Ups” I’m going against my female comrades.

So, this blog has something for everyone!
It’s been a long time coming and I’m really excited to get this going!


Get involved: I’m interested in you! I’ll be posting “casting calls” and requests for interviewees periodically, which will have all the info on how you can be featured on this blog. The comment box is always open or you can contact me via the contact form on my about page! Keep those eyes peeled!

RoseMo March 2013

Lottey April 2013


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