The Naked Lady

I love photographing women, and not because I’m some dirty old pervert, using their camera as a way to get chicks undressed, but because the female form fascinates me. I’m not a lesbian or even bisexual, I just think that as imagery goes, the naked female is incredibly beautiful naturally, and now with the rise of alternative fashion, it now comes adorned.

Continuing the journey of the female nude in art – the medium shifting to photography, the audience exceeding the lover and the subject exceeding the mistress.

Lottey SG 2013

Lottey SG 2013

“A woman’s presence expresses her own attitude to herself, and defines what can and can’t be done to her.”

John Berger, Ways of Seeing

RoseMo SG 2013

RoseMo SG 2013

“She turns herself into an object… an object of vision: a sight.”

– John Berger, Ways of Seeing

Natalie Philips 2013

Natalie Philips 2013

Aemelia Fox 2013

Aemelia Fox 2013

I don’t think Berger’s comments on the presence of women should be conveyed negatively. The modern woman should intepret his observations as women being very much aware of their sexuality and sexual power, not that she should be presenting herself for to the standard of pleasure set by men, or indeed other women, or any observer.

I believe the images I make are a celebration of women knowing themselves and being able to share that for themselves. Indeed, a lot of the women I’ve photographed, who have never modelled before have noted how they felt “liberated” by the experience and much more confident in their skin.

Aro SG 2013

Aro SG 2013

JodieLeigh 2013

JodieLeigh 2013

As mentioned, I love creating these images, and I love showing the model the final result. She too is an everyday female, with hang ups, insecurities and wobbly bits, so when I receive their (often overwhelmed) positive feedback, it makes me feel like I’ve achieved something for her, not the audience. In a way, I feel like a better, less ridiculous, version of Gok Wan and his “How to Look Good Naked”.

I’ve also found that my confidence in myself has grown from meeting and photographing women. Not because I think I look better  (my body is very fun house mirror after having a baby in June!), but because I’ve seen that every shape and curve is normal.

The Photoshopping I do is VERY minimal – the odd spot, and I NEVER change a woman’s shape.

“But where are the curvier, bigger women?!” I hear you cry, and my response is “Yes! WHERE ARE YOU?! Come, let me photograph you!”

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3 thoughts on “The Naked Lady

  1. Love the use of the word ‘object’ here as separate from ‘objectification.’ Women, and men, can really own themselves as a visual object, and this doesn’t mean leaving out their subjectivity (themselves as a living, breathing, feeling, subject) but including both within an image to really bring the image, and model alive.

  2. I love your work. The photos are quite lovely and enticing, but it hardly seems fair to call them nudes since they’re cropped so that we see little more of them than we would have had they been fully clad.

    1. Thank you! These are the safe for work versions as they belong to a full set of photos that were commissioned and I didn’t want this blog to just attract those looking for naked photos of women, but actually a discussion.

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