Confirmed Bachelor


Yesterday (8th Nov) I was officially awarded a BA Honours in Photography, but it was made all the more special by the fact that my four month old daughter was there to see me graduate.
Yup, I wrote my dissertation between morning sickness (which isn’t exclusive to the AM!), planned my degree show work feeling like I could pop any moment, for her to only arrive a week and a half after the private view!
Degrees are hard work, so you don’t need a MA to conclude that by the end of it, I was exhausted! The physical and emotional strength it took me to get through that last year felt mammoth.
So although I didn’t get the mark I was hoping for I’m so proud that I got through it and that Zooey arrived happy and healthy!

I will share with you my final work, which is a far cry from the work in this blog (it’s about gaming, mainly The Legend if Zelda – YUP!) at a later date!

The last four years have been mental; lots of tears, frustration, elation and a few all nighters, so excuse me whilst I cozy up into the sofa with baby girl and do bugger all!



A massive thank you to my parents who have always supported and never given up on me. My partner Jason who kept me going and always bought tea. And finally my tutor Bridget Smith who, without her support and encouragement, I couldn’t have written this blog.

Photos courtesy of Laura Powell and Muma Bannocks


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