On the 31st October, I was asked to photograph the technical/costume rehearsal of an all female production of Macbeth by Tigz Theatre at the London Welsh Centre.

It was incredibly challenging as I only knew the basic plot, and spent most of the time pacing up and down to get the best shot, all in “real time” (and I had only time for one attempt), whilst being very aware that I had to be “non distracting”. I’m also used to being fully in control and dealing with natural lighting!

Followers will know that I’ve photographed a lot of women, and the cast of Macbeth were the most beautiful, dynamic and engaging. Wonderful on and off stage, I only wish I could have photographed more rehearsals! And I hope you like these as much as I do.

For full cast information please visit the Tigz Theatre site.

If you’re interested in seeing the full production photographs, or wish to inquire about a production being photographed please contact me;

Edit: the whole album can be viewed Macbeth

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