The Archive: Natural Forms

Remember how I said that I didn’t really connect photography with art or think that they could overlap? Well, I believed that with such conviction that I didn’t acknowledge that I had made that cross over. So much so, that these pieces of work were in my sketch book for Art. And the idea of doing this in Photography [class] never occurred to me. The silliness of youth.

Whilst I find these a bit crude in their execution, I do think I was on to something, and I should have continued and developed that approach back then*. I’m not sure why I didn’t, I know I felt partly discouraged because a tutor told me that I was “too heavy handed for fine illustration”, but I had the ideas, and all the “paper work” to back it. Again the silliness of youth.



This is a real flashback Friday treat! Look how bloody cool I was, with my black rims (glasses) before black rims were for hipsters. The military jacket, the studded belt. The FfaF** emo tone to the whole thing. It’s okay, your silent stunned awe is natural and expected.



The pieces were around the concept of humans being apart of nature, natural forms, yet we’re slightly phased out, set apart from it. Hence all the borders, ripped edges and incredible splicing (by hand might I add, no Photoshop back then for me!).



Oh look, it’s that boy again!


My dear friend Emma, being a very patient model. [sorry!!]

The lesson learned here, is that it’s okay not to be an expect at something from the get go. Ideas and skills need practicing and nurturing. All these pieces were from course work, all leading up to a final piece. I’ve lost that way of working. We all have. Everything has to be ready straight away. Everything has to be knocked out in an afternoon. I know that’s how things can work on a commercial level, but really, the great bits take a bit longer, and need failed attempts. Also, tutors aren’t always right. Listen to them, but they aren’t scripture writers.

*I’m currently working on a few pieces that use this mixed media approach, partly to rectify my mistake of giving up on it, but also partly (mainly) that it works really well for the almost surreal concept. Don’t worry, I’ll share when ready!

**Funeral for a Friend – duh!

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