It’s been a while…

I can’t type (or say) that phrase without hearing that song in my head… well anyway, it’s been a while huh?

I apologise for my absence, which I will now explain away with a reason containing two parts:

  1. My health; it’s been shite. My insides hate me. The doctors aren’t sure why, but I have excruciating abdominal pain, and until they find the reason I’m on pain meds that make me feel like the green fairy navigating the fog. I’ve already had one round of investigative keyhole surgery, which proved to be unproductive. I’ve also had an endoscopy, a colonoscopy and a CT scan in the last month. It’s been pretty brutal. Still waiting for the results for the latter two tests. So whilst that’s all going on my energy is lacking and I have felt lack lustre about blogging. Not to mention my scanner has been very temperamental.
  2. YouTube. Yup YouTube. I am now making gaming videos! Why? Because I love Zelda and I want you all to love Zelda. It also gives my week a schedule; record, edit, upload. It helps keep me going. It’s also a brilliant distraction from the pain also, and I hope it takes off.


So there, my apologies for my absence. Please check out my channel, and if you feel inclined, like and sub, I’d really love that. I am still making work, albeit slowly, and you can see that on my newly revamped site: Jemma

I do plan to finish my archive series, I just need to get the scanner settled. There’s some really awesome display of skills coming up that I don’t want you to miss out on. Think bleach, drawn on flowers and letraset’d super emo lyrics!

Take care, I do miss you.

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