The Archive: Contrast

So this was my first set of portraits. Well not if you count photographing a boyfriend’s “band” as portraiture… Anyway, moving on to these actual portraits. This was also my first real attempted at studio lighting. Now, if you’re familiar with my work, you’ll know that I hate (by hate I mean truly detest) using […]

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The Archive: Textures

One of the first projects set by our tutor (Catrin Shackson, who I’ll talk about in a later post) was to photograph textures. We’d all gotten a Hoya Macro filter with our camera kit so of course we had to make use of it. This was still early in the term (September 2005) and I didn’t […]

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The Archive: The Graveyard

Any photographer worth their salt should have at least one set of images from the local graveyard. Like getting excessively drunk on your 18th birthday, it’s a right of passage. This was our first field trip as a class (50meters down the road) and I remember being really anxious about the whole event. I remember […]

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The Archives: Photograms

The very first thing we (the class) learnt to in the darkroom were photograms. For those unfamiliar with the term, a photogram is essentially a shadow print, or silhouette, that’s been created by placing an object on photographic paper and then exposed to light. It was the first time I had ever been in a […]

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The Archive of Jemma B

This September marks my tenth year of practicing and studying photography. So to mark the occasion I will be sharing, deep from within the archives (my closet), the wins, the fails, the notes and the ideas that have spanned those ten years. Whilst this seems a very self indulgent celebratory retrospective it also serves a […]

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On the 31st October, I was asked to photograph the technical/costume rehearsal of an all female production of Macbeth by Tigz Theatre at the London Welsh Centre. It was incredibly challenging as I only knew the basic plot, and spent most of the time pacing up and down to get the best shot, all in […]

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