Though rare, I do actually photograph men too!   And here is a few things that I’ve learnt in the process. Guys are harder to photograph Boys are all up and down! With girls its easier to create shapes due to their natural curves, their elegant limbs and they are much happier to be “vulnerable” to […]

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B&W Experiments (nsfw)

  Model: Totem I’m not sure to what end these images will arrive at, but this is a concept that I started in my second year at uni, and for various reasons, moved on from using the addition of lines and colour. It’s a slight homage to Lillian Bassman and 80’s electro pop album art. […]

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Simply – A new set on Zivity featuring model MissFische If you’d like a free trial membership to see this set and more, please leave your details, including email address, and I’ll get you sorted! 🙂

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Neo Siddal

Inspired by the Pre-Raphealite exhibition at Tate Britain last year, I created a small series of photos that paid homage to their works, those in particular that featured the model and artist, Lizzie Siddal. Whilst, some of the images are closer to their “originals”, I didn’t want this project to just be about recreating or […]

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Confirmed Bachelor

Yesterday (8th Nov) I was officially awarded a BA Honours in Photography, but it was made all the more special by the fact that my four month old daughter was there to see me graduate. Yup, I wrote my dissertation between morning sickness (which isn’t exclusive to the AM!), planned my degree show work feeling […]

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The Naked Lady

I love photographing women, and not because I’m some dirty old pervert, using their camera as a way to get chicks undressed, but because the female form fascinates me. I’m not a lesbian or even bisexual, I just think that as imagery goes, the naked female is incredibly beautiful naturally, and now with the rise […]

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