Flowers and the Afterlife

  Throughout the years, my faith has been shattered, but I still hope there is an afterlife and that the way to it is traversing the universe. Sometimes I dream of the massive expanse, the scale of the planets and formations of the stars. I wake up feeling at peace. Perhaps when we go back […]

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On the 31st October, I was asked to photograph the technical/costume rehearsal of an all female production of Macbeth by Tigz Theatre at the London Welsh Centre. It was incredibly challenging as I only knew the basic plot, and spent most of the time pacing up and down to get the best shot, all in […]

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B&W Experiments (nsfw)

  Model: Totem I’m not sure to what end these images will arrive at, but this is a concept that I started in my second year at uni, and for various reasons, moved on from using the addition of lines and colour. It’s a slight homage to Lillian Bassman and 80’s electro pop album art. […]

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Curve – A Study

  Images are from the project “Curve – A Study”, available on Blurb. Created in 2010 under the name J. Austin.  I’m currently adding to this body of work, with intention of publishing in the New Year. If you would like to model for me (males too!) please contact me.   

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I’m a girl…

I’m a girl who photographs girls, and this is my space to share and discuss the work I make. It will be a mix of photos (lots!), discussions and sketchbooking. I will also be showcasing other female photographers and artists, (don’t worry, there will be males too!) asking them about their practice and how it […]

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